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Long Division Statement

It’s with sadness that I need to inform you that Long Division Festival will no longer be taking place in 2020. Back in March it seemed completely sensible to move the festival to a date 7 and a half months in the future but it’s now clear to us it would be hugely risky and potentially dangerous to promote an event of Long Division’s type and scale in November. 

Many of you may be looking forward to returning to performing and whilst it’s possible live events may take place in 2020, festivals are another matter. The idea of bringing 100 artists from across the UK, cramming them into green rooms and tiny performance spaces which are run by volunteers and staff members we have a duty of care for seems so wrong right now. We hope you understand our position. 

With regards to the new dates, the main Saturday will be June 5th 2021. However, aside from a small group of artists, I’m not formally offering any slots out to performers further down the lineup. This is for the simple reason that the festival is now 12 months away. I don’t know what venues will be open in 12 months, I don’t know what artists will still be performing in 12 months… 

I’d hope that we can involve as many of you as possible in next year’s event. I have your details and when the time is right I’ll get in touch if we can accommodate you. Right now we have to focus on securing our future as an organisation which involves launching a Crowdfunder, Please feel free to share that when it goes live (also tomorrow at 10am) and help make sure there is a festival in 2021.

All the best and good luck in these coming months. 

Dean FreemanFestival Director


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