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ymf 2019



Admission Free to all events


Doors & Registration 11.00am


Accelerating Creative Development – PRS Foundation


It’s now easy to record and release music but even easier to get lost. Practical advice on forging careers is still much needed. But what’s the point if the music being created is mediocre? And shouldn’t we be doing all we can to provide songwriters and composers with the time, space, resources and opportunities they need to thrive artistically?


PRS Foundation’s new CEO, Joe Frankland will be talking about striking the right balance between creative and career development, highlighting creative development models on offer to music creators and advocating for giving creators the time, space, resource and opportunities needed to fulfil their potential.


12.30pm -1.15pm

Confessions of a Female Tour Manager


Kim Hawes (Tour Manager & Trouble Shooter) will discuss the story of her life on the road with some of the most notorious bands in rock ’n’ roll history, including Motörhead, Black Sabbath Chumbawamba, Hawkwind with the launch of her first book, Confessions of a Female Tour Manager, in conversation with Helen Searle.


1.25 pm -2.10pm

Building sustainable music businesses in Yorkshire


This panel brings together people working in building a range of emerging and established organisations from throughout the region to discuss the strength and diversity of Yorkshire based music businesses, how the region supports people working in music, what are the benefits of running a music business here and how there could be more support.

Led by Tony Ereira (Come Play With Me / Hatch Records) and featuring Ben McAvoy (W-M-P), Emma Duffy (Her PR), Henna Angus-Shafi (Paramount Music) and Deborah Egan (DINA)


2.30pm - 3.15pm

Keynote interview with Jeremy Lascelles

Jeremy Lascelles is the co-founder of Blue Raincoat Music. He has over 40 years’ experience in the music business, including long spells at Chrysalis Music, where he was CEO, and at Virgin Records during their independent heyday. He has also served as both a Vice Chairman of AIM and as a Board Member of the BPI, In 2012 he was elected as a Visiting Professor to the Leeds College of Music. He is also an ardent Leeds United fan.

Christian Ulf-Hansen in conversation with Jeremy Lascelles


3.30pm - 4.15pm

Earning Money from Your Music

A spotlight on music placement across the Film, TV, Advertising and On-Line.

Mark Gordon founder of Score Draw Music will lead an insightful and interactive workshop looking at music placement across the multimedia industry. This session will offer a practical end-to-end perspective on how music supervision works across the TV, film, advertising and gaming sectors, and where the opportunities are for independent artists, composers, filmmakers and labels. 


4.30pm -5.15pm


The Business of Music

Looking for skilled guidance on developing your career in the Music Industry. This panel of professionals share their vision and experience on how to move to the next level.

Christian Ulf Hansen (Artist Manager) – Helen Searle (Searlelaw) – Chris Tams (BPI) Barry Whittaker-Gilbey (Hodo Music) -



Closing Remarks by Chris Tams, Director Independent Member Services BPI


Networking Drinks


Live YMF Showcase at Belgrave Music Hall featuring: FRANK & PRIESTGATE

Yorkshire Music Forum 2018

Full Programme Below


Yorkshire Music Forum 2017

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